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Some of my favorite Links.

Gait explained.This will take you to K. Hartman's page.

The Barn, Paso Fino saddles, bits, bosals and other tack. Very nice on-line illustrated catalog.

Links to Paso Fino and other gaited breed and Spanish breed sites.

The Paso Fino Horse Association They maintain the registry and publish the official rulebook. Breed description and history.

The Wonderful World of Paso Fino Horses

Rancho del Sueno Paso Finos.

Gold Eagle Farm Paso Finos.

Hacienda de la Pina, L.C. They have been breeding Paso Finos since 1971. Now paso-fino.com.

Peruvian Paso Horse Home Page by Krisna Farm and the Southeastern Peruvian Horse Club

American Association of Owners and Breeders of Peruvian Paso Horses

The Elrods' Peruvian Paso Horse Page

LNR FarmsPeruvian Pasos

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